STARS is a home for developmentally disadvantaged adolescent females and males who are in need of Independent Living skills.

We are located in Charlottesville, Virginia and are beginning our ninth year. To date, over 271 teens have gone through the program. Children come to STARS from all parts of Virginia, and are referred by local Departments of Social Services, Family Assessment Planning Teams, local school systems, legal guardians, and other treatment facilities. We are an ideal program for teens where Independent Living skills are crucial to their development and future.The average length of stay varies according to each individual's needs. Some residents live at STARS for years, while others may stay only a few months. The average contract length is six months. We have four homes, the Zenith House, Gemini House, Phoenix House and the recently opened Orion House for boys. STARS has the capacity to serve up to twenty-one girls and eight boys.

The STARS Program is licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia under the Interdepartmental Regulation of Children's Residential Facilities. Our four houses are issued triennial certificates which are available on request.